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Meet the Founder

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Meet the Founder of Perpetual Butterfly:
Ashley Bass-Mitchell

Hi, my name is Ashley Bass-Mitchell and I am your mastery-level life coach, accountability partner, and the founder of Perpetual Butterfly LLC.


A bit about me: I am a daughter, a sister, a professional, a mother of three and more. I am also an individual, which is crucial for me to note because, in my journey, it took a lot to remember who I am and to regain my individuality.

With all the hats I wear each and every day, along with juggling multiple roles each day, finding time to learn and be my authentic self has proven to be quite challenging yet essential and vital to my journey."


Throughout my journey, I have had to overcome many obstacles and step out of my comfort zone quite a bit. I know exactly what it feels like to want more but not be quite sure how to get there or where to start. I understand what it feels like for your goals and dreams to appear overwhelming, out of reach, or to simply need someone in your corner in a loving and judgment-free way.


Well, that's ME, and this is what inspired me to create Perpetual Butterfly (PB) LLC. Let's embark on this journey together!"

About me

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Thank you for the gift of your presence and time. It is an honor to share a bit about my story with you and I look forward to learning more about yours.
As you continue to navigate through this website, please feel free to:

  • Reach out to me with questions or comments,

  • Sign up for a free 20 min introductory session,

  • View the various life coaching sessions and other opportunities available to you.

You Matter So Much & You Deserve the Best That Life Has to Offer!!


Seeking Guest Speaker, Facilitator, or Event Planning Assistance for an Upcoming Events?

Let us know what you’re seeking and how we can help. Ashley, a national public speaker and facilitator, is eager to connect with you. With extensive experience and expertise, she offers practical strategies to help individuals and groups bring out their best selves, overcome challenges, integrate self-care, and establish healthy boundaries in daily routines. Her engaging presentations and compassionate approach create a safe and supportive environment for development. Ashley’s strength-based practices and inspiring speaking style promotes the practical achievement of personal and group goals. Reach out and discover how Perpetual Butterfly can assist you on your journey.

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