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What Client's Say

Butterfly on Branch
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Logan B.

Had a lovely experience at Perpetual Butterfly! Service was not only efficient but they also had the patience with me to help shift my mindset from negative thoughts to positive affirmations that I utilize everyday. Would definitely recommend to anybody seeking their services!

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Micheal M.

I am so grateful that I stepped out of my comfort zone and reached out to Perpetual Butterfly. It’s made a world of difference in my life. Ashley is very good at intentionally listening and offering suggestions in a no judgmental way that I was able to apply to my everyday life and healing process. I was feeling overwhelmed and not really sure what I wanted to do but more so I just needed a genuine listening ear, authentic suggestions and sometimes someone to just stand with me. Ashley made me feel seen, heard and like I wasn’t alone. I would recommend this service to everyone and anyone. Thank you so much Perpetual Butterfly

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Charvel S.

Everyone needs a Perpetual Butterfly like Ashley. She is so good at being genuinely honest and also helping me feel like I'm being heard and understood. I don't trust easily but something about the genuineness and interactive conversations with Ashley made me feel empowered to live life on my terms and to discover what I was looking for out of it. She stood with me, cheered me on, and gently helped me to rethink the possibilities for challenges that I was facing. Little changes made a big difference for me. Ashley is truly amazing. I would recommend this service to everyone. Thank you Perpetual Butterfly

Butterfly on Branch
P Butterfly_PURPLE_2.png
Gwendolyn J.

Perpetual Butterfly is a hidden gem that needs to be exposed to the world. They are safe, professional and offer a wide range of services to meet any need. PB is an invaluable resource to this community, when you work with PB you’re instantly connected to an endless list of resources. PB is well equipped to meet your needs. Don’t hesitate, sign up today, and if you feel you don’t need this resource personally, please support via donation to enable this organization to help the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time.

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